Program Overview - timetable

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The detailed program of presentation I-V will follow!

Wednesday 17th May 2017
Icebreaker (garden party) at the BFW
05:00 pm:    Guided tour through the Gardens of Schönbrunn Palace (optional - registration required)
07:00 pm:    Registration desk opens
07:30 pm:    Opening of the Icebreaker with Peter Mayer (BFW)
                      Finger food and drinks            
09:00 pm:    Guided night tour through Tiergarten Schönbrunn (Vienna Zoo) (optional - registration required)

Thursday 18th May 2017
Diplomatic Academy Vienna
08:00 am:    Registration desk opens
09:00 am:    Conference opening with Peter Mayer (BFW) and Alexander Buck (IUFRO)
09:30 am:    Keynotes
11:00 am:    Coffee break
11:30 am:    Presentation I in 3 sessions
01:10 pm:    Lunch at the Diplomatic Academy
02:30 pm:    Presentation II in 3 sessions
04:10 pm:    Coffee break
04:30 pm:    Presentation III in 3 sessions

08:00 pm:    Dinner at the "Heuriger 10er Marie"

Friday 19th May 2017

Diplomatic Academy Vienna
08:00 am:    Registration desk opens
08:30 am:    Presentation IV in 3 sessions, coffee included
10:10 am:    Official poster presentation, moderated by Peter Mayer (BFW)
11:00 am:    Presentation V in 3 sessions, coffee included
12:40 pm:    Poster award and closing of the Conference
01:00 pm:    Start of Excursion I (West of Vienna) and Excursion II (Northwest of Vienna) at the Diplomatic Academy (optional - registration required)



The conference Landscape and Human Health: Forests, Parks and Green Care focusses on the effects of landscape on human health and well-being.

(1) Relationships between landscape and human health and well-being

*Forests, urban parks, protected areas and blue spaces as restorative places (e.g. forest therapy, forest bathing)
*Effects of landscape structures and types on human health and well-being
*Biodiversity and human health
*Methods for assessing landscape effects on human health and well-being
*Effects of physical activities (hiking, biking, …) in natural or semi-natural settings on human health
*Horticulture therapy

(2) Relationships between landscape-based Green Care offers and human health and well-being

*Effects of Green Care offers on human health and well-being
*Social impacts of Green Care offers
*Social inclusion (of fringe groups) fostered by landscapes and Green Care offers
*Therapeutic Landscapes Concept
*Health promotion

(3) Interdisciplinary communication and policy concerning landscape and health

*Access to green spaces
*Health planning and management
*Health Impact Assessment
*Public health policy and communication
*Health promotion
*Health economics of ecosystem services/landscapes

Presentation formats at the Conference

Oral presentation: Several parallel sessions on Thursday and Friday; a 15-minute presentation followed by 5 minutes of discussion
Poster presentation: A 60-minute session on Thursday; authors must be present to answer questions.


The Call for Abstracts is closed. We received 105 abstracts from 27 countries. Many thanks for your contribution!